Sinus Lift Instruments

    • Indirect Sinus Instruments
    • Direct Sinus Instruments
    • LAS & CAS Sinus Drill Kits
    • Bone Grafting Instruments
    • Mitsa Stoppers / Adapters

Ridge Augmentation Instruments

    • Bone Expansion Instruments
    • Chisels, Spreaders, Torque Ratchet
    • Ridge Contouring Burs, Saw Disc
    • Pterygoid Tap, Drills, Tocha
    • Implant Surgical Hand Drivers

Implant Guides

    • All on 4 Guide, Zygoma Guide
    • Parallel Drilling Guide Pin
    • Implant Multiunit Angulation Guide
    • Centering Guide, Implant Spacer
    • Mesio Distal Guide, Multiple Guide

Implant Hand Instruments

    • Periostals, Curettes, Calipers
    • Composite Instruments, Mallet
    • Drill Stopper, Abutment Holder
    • Suture Tweezer, Bone Well
    • Insrtruments Box, Drill Box

Hard And Soft Tissue Handling Instruments

    • Cervical Customization Index
    • PRF Box, Tack Kit, GBR Kit, Mesh
    • Soft Brushing Kit, Tunneling Tools
    • Bone Scraper, Bone Mill

Extraction Instruments

    • Luxators, Periotomes
    • Atraumatic Crown Removers
    • Root Extractor Tool
    • Atraumatic Root Extraction Forceps
    • Twist Elevators, Spadator

Micro Surgical Instruments

    • Micro Surgical Castroveijo Scissor
    • Micro Surgical Castroveijo Needle Holder
    • Micro Surgical Tissue Forceps
    • Kalt Needle Holder

Implant Surgical Retractors

    • All in One Mallaeble Retractor
    • Sternberg, Orringer, Minneasota, Vestibulum, Lengenbeck Retractor
    • Tongue Cheek Lip Retractors
    • Hiester Mouth Gag, Doyens Retractor
    • Austin / Laster 3rd Molar Retractors

Socket Shield Partial Extraction Therapy Instruments

    • Socket Shield Retractor (Dr. Udatta)
    • Gingival/ Socket Shield Retractor
    • Socket Shield Long Shank Bur

Implant Surgical Instruments

    • Suction Tube/ Aspirators, Silicon Tip
    • Scalpel Handles, Blades
    • Surgical Scissors, Needle Holders
    • Adson Tissue Forceps, Haemostats
    • Suture Scissors, TC Instruments

Dental Implant Drills

    • Tissue Punch, Trephine Drills
    • Long Trephine for Implant Removal
    • Zygoma Drills, Lateral Diamond Drills
    • Lance Drills
    • Pterygoid Drills

Endo Instruments

    • Endo Suction Aspirator
    • Endo File Holder Tool
    • Endo File Holding Forceps
    • MTA Carrier
    • Endo Broken File Retrival Kit (Soon)

Prosthodontic Instruments

    • Photographic Mirrors / Contrastors
    • IPO(Implant Prosthetic Organizer)Box
    • Articulator / Dento Facial Analysers
    • Universal Torque Adjustable Prosthetic Hex Driver, Implant Drivers

DentaLuv (#Replacing Disposable)

    • Sterilization Pouch Autoclavable
    • Reusuable Mallaeble Saliva Ejector
    • Dental Mirror Suction
    • Retractors with Suction
    • Cotton Roll Substitute Autoclavable
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