72nd - Clinical Course on Immediate Loading, Minimal invasive Implantology

4th - 6th March, 2022

NANDA DENTAL CARE PREMIERE Plot No.11, Near Nitesh Hub, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Plaza, Pune 411001. INDIA

Promeet Nanda- 9823179349


Option - 1 - In-House -Live Lectures, Clinical Procedures, Q & A, Hands On

Option - 2 - Online - Live Interactive Clinical Procedures

  • Live Clinical Surgical Protocols
  • Live Clinical Prosthetic Protocols
  • Conventional Implantology
  • Basal Implantology
  • Immediate loading!! No Grafting
  • Syncrystallisation - Intra Oral Welding for Predictable Immediate Loading
  • Disk Implant System
  • Choose the right implant system for your Patient
  • Hands on Certificate


Dr Prem Nanda MDS

Surgical Protocol: Dr Prem Nanda.

He is a pioneer of Basal Implantology and the first clinician in india to practice and teach the use of cortical anchorage for immediate loading and also now pioneered the use and teaching of intraoral welding techniques for predictable implantology.

Dr Sacheev Nanda MDS

Prosthetic Protocol: Dr Sacheev Nanda, MDS.

Stood First in Prosthodontics, Bharati Vidyapeeth University. Started Dental Implantology in 2006, Believes that the key to long term success with implant restorations is proper prosthetic planning and execution. Pre-surgical prosthetic evaluation is essential. Simple clinical assessments made prior to surgery can go a long way towards ensuring functional & aesthetic restorations.

This is a clinical course with lectures and multiple live cases which focuses on immediate loading with no bone grafting. In the 3 days we would cover the following: -


·       Comprehensive lectures on When and How to utilise Basal and Compressive implants successfully. (Selection, Surgery & Prosthetics)

·       Live demonstration on patients of Full Arch and Segments to show

o   Planning

o   Implant selection

o   Placement position

o   Placement style

o   Impression procedures

o   Temporization

o   Final prosthesis

o   Occlusion


·       Special emphasis on Pterygoid Implant placement.

·       Syncrystallisation - Intra Oral Welding for Predictable Immediate Loading

·       Disk Implant System

·       Osteotensor application

·       Lectures, Live surgery and Prosthetics for Conventional Implants.

·       How to choose between conventional implants and Basal Implants for a case 

·       Hands on training for placement for Basal, Compressive and Pterygoid Implant in dummy Maxilla.

·       Participants can get hands on experience on a patient – Please make request to find out the details.

·       Certification from GenXT and IPLFDI




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